Monday, October 1, 2012

Friends and Family,

You know you're in Malibu when... The woman that brings her dog to church in her purse insists that it is given the sacrament bread. Yup, that happened. The great part is that we are planning to start teaching her. She is the fiance of a less active in our ward. They're in their 70's and she told us that if they really get married she would like to be a Mormon. I sure hope they really get married! Otherwise the week was pretty slow as far as lessons go. The Waters couple cancelled, but they really are interested. Things just keep coming up or they go out of town. I'm hopeful about them though, especially because when we stopped by to invite them to church she introduced us to her granddaughter as missionaries from "her church." I like the sound of that! Richie has been sick lately and missed church for the third week in a row. He has changed a lot, but still has a lot of fears, and so much going on in his personal life that's preventing him from moving forward right now. Isaac is just incredibly busy, and has a LOT to say. Sometimes I feel like he thinks it's his duty to let us know that their isn't a God. Ultimately he needs to sincerely pray and ask for himself.   I'll keep you posted. Otherwise we are still always looking for more people to teach. Church was awesome this week. We had ward conference and after the block of meetings everyone was given two or three people to visit right then that are either less active or nobody knows who they are. It was powerful to visit our bunch knowing that the entire ward was doing the same thing. We have pretty much visited or at least done our best to contact everyone on the ward list already, but I'm confident that this exercise will produce some more work for us to do with less actives and part member families. If not more than at least more member involvement with those that we have been working with. Transfers are this week and I can feel change in my bones. I can't imagine being in another ward! I feel like the Pacific Palisades ward will be my ward for life. I will be happy has a clam(ha ha) to stay in Malibu, but I will say that I'm really hoping to go back to the Visitors' Center. Mostly because I want to be part of the October missionary fireside and Christmas program( please oh please)! But also because if I'm being honest it's physically less taxing and probably emotionally as well. For the first time this transfer they needed a little extra help this past Saturday so we got to go for the morning shift. We took a primary group around and otherwise spoke with mostly non-members. The time flew by.  People to talk to just walk in! It's amazing! And 100% less awkward to approach them because hey, I'm wearing a tag and you walked in, and you're not surprised or upset that I'm talking to you. I will never complain about the Visitors' Center again. That is a promise. I never really did, but my eyes have certainly been opened to appreciate it much more. Having done both now there are definitely pros and cons either way, but overall I really enjoy the Visitors' Center. I have always sort of wondered why I was called to one because I never expected it (even with all the teasing) but I feel like I fit there more and more all the time and it makes sense. I have to run, but this scripture has really touched me this week. We cannot bear all things. It's true, but we are never alone. I love you all!

D&C 78:18 And ye cannot abear all things now; nevertheless, be of good bcheer, for I will clead you along. The kingdom is yours and the blessings thereof are yours, and the driches ofeeternity are yours.

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