Monday, October 1, 2012

Friends and Family,
(note from Dad:  for some reason last week's post did not come, so please also read the one below!)

Exciting news this week. I got transferred! I'm back at the Visitors' Center and serving in Marina del Rey in the Westdale second ward. I am loving the change and meeting all new people. However, as expected I miss the Pacific Palisades ward intensely!    I have a new companion, Sister Jones, and she's great! She's been here one transfer and technically I'm finishing her training, but she knows what's going on and how to get things done so it doesn't seem like I'm finishing her. If anything she's training me! She has tons of great ideas and enthusiastic energy. Her trainer(Sister Hidalgo) and I were both trained by Sister Bustamante. So... trainer = mother, which makes Sister Hidalgo my sister, who was S. Jones' mother, but she died, so we joke that I'm the cool aunt that took her in. Make sense? All lingo aside she is awesome and I'm looking forward to great experiences this transfer. We've already had a few. In fact yesterday we had one of the best experiences so far on my mission. We received a referral through, and I was secretly a little apprehensive because any of those that I've received in the past have been pranks- people just submitting their friends information as a joke, which is always disappointing. Anyway, when we knocked on Richard's door I was presently surprised and admittedly a little blown away! The first thing he said was " Well, well, well, I've been waiting for you!" Score! I guess one of his colleagues is LDS and has been trying to get his information to missionaries through the bishop where she lives or something, and after weeks of nothing he finally just got on and referred himself. He proceeded to tell us all about how he has been investigating on his own. He said, "I'm actually an investigator." He told us that he has been changing the way he speaks and understands that he is going to have to give up alcohol and coffee. He explained that everything seems to be pointing in this direction and that he has been receiving very real answers that he should pursue it. " I even liked on Facebook," he said with a roll of the eyes. "My own son is making fun of me." Can you believe it? I was just standing there beaming in disbelief. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he got all choked up when he read Moroni's promise. It. was. awesome. I'm so excited to teach him and grateful that we met him our first week of the transfer!

After meeting Richard we hurried over to a lesson with a woman named Susan. She is 31 and has poor health. Sister Jones found her last transfer by calling potentials. Her father is an old potential who lost interest, but when S. Jones called she picked up the phone and said that we could teach her. Last night was our first lesson with her and she accepted a baptismal date! If all goes well she will be getting baptized an the end of this month. It was a neat experience because she kept saying that we were teaching her things that she already believed. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation and she explained to us a dream that she had where she knew that she was going to come to earth and have a sick body but she still wanted to come. Preach My Gospel promises that the gospel will have a familiar ring to the people that we teach, but that was the first time that I had personally experienced it. Actually, with the VC, transfers, district meetings, and weekly planning, yesterday was my first day in our area. Talk about an excellent first day!

I love you all!

This video had a familiar ring for me :) Love it. 

Sister Davis

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