Monday, April 1, 2013

From the CLAM

Marina Zone March 2013

Friends and family,

Another week gone. A little sadness this week, but also an Easter miracle!

Crystal has officially moved and Amir officially got permission to attend the other ward so we were feeling a little bummed about our lack of investigators. Especially with conference coming up. Last conference was Richard's first Sunday coming to church. I can't believe it's already been six months. He has grown so much. He taught the high priests this last week and also starred in the Easter choir at church. We missed both. The first for obvious reasons and the second because we were at the Visitors' Center. He came to our impromptu concert at the VC later that night though so we got to talk to him a bit.

The choir that was lined up to perform for Easter ended up bailing so we had the privilege of throwing one together in three days or so. Sister Shakespear asked me to sing "Savior Redeemer of My Soul" which is what I sang at Richard's baptism so that was a good Easter gift for him. He made Sister Jones and I promise we would record it when we got home. We are such a funny trio of best friends that I'm sure will appear very odd to anyone unfamiliar with our situation. 

Miracle: After the concert we got back to our area about fifteen minutes before we had anticipated and we didn't really have any back up plans so we just decided to knock some doors before going in. I took about three random turns, turned left on the third street and snagged the third available parking spot(don't ask me why I chose three) and we started knocking. Lo and behold the families behind the first two doors were very disinterested, but behind the third we found Veronica! She is a middle-aged African American lady who has a seventeen year-old son and I think is a single mom. It was very natural to talk with her. She told us about her Easter and listened as we told her about modern revelation and the Book of Mormon. we offered her one of her own and she gladly accepted and said she would like to learn more!!! I asked when she was usually available and she explained to us that she's battling cancer right now and is almost always home. I was sad to learn that, but I'm also looking forward to sharing with her more about the purpose and plan that a loving Heavenly Father has for her. 

We had a wonderful dinner with Stephanie this week. She is... or rather was the less active that Sister Jones and I started teaching back in September. I've missed her a lot because seeing as she hasn't missed a Sunday since October we haven't been able to visit anymore. Funny how that works :) So proud of her. 

Love you all! Gotta run,

Sister Davis