Monday, July 30, 2012

With Sister Seamons from Rexburg

Friends and Family,

Well, it's another great day at Byu-Idaho. I mean the Los Angeles mission :) Every day is a great day at Byu-Idaho and in any mission. We had some good experiences this week that were a little unexpected. I don't know if you will remember Zach who we transitioned to the singles ward, but he actually ended up dropping the missionaries. He said that he wanted to be a member, but just couldn't agree with one thing; the church's standpoint on gay marriage. In my experience this is an issue for a lot of people. It turns out that he didn't really like the singles ward because the dating scene was a little overwhelming for him. Anyway, yesterday we were near his home and I just felt like we should stop by and see how he was, maybe make sure that while he may not want to be baptized, he is certainly welcome to come to our ward. It wasn't in our plans so we wrestled with that for a few minutes, but ultimately decided to go. it was such a good experience. He told us that if he hadn't met us and studied with us and the other sisters that he knew he wouldn't still be sober and that he definitely wouldn't still be praying. He was having a difficult day and was really glad that we stopped by. We talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and how much it can help us, especially once we know for ourselves that it is true. It sounds like he will probably come to our ward sometimes because he really enjoyed it and felt welcome there. It was such a cool experience to feel the spirit with him and know that even though he isn't getting baptized right now, he is coming closer to Christ. We received a referral a while ago for an older couple and have only ever been able to reach them on the phone and once very briefly at their home. We invited them to church, but weren't completely expecting them to come. And they didn't... just kidding, they did! They stayed for the first hour and went home because she had worn pants and felt uncomfortable. They spoke with a few of our members who assured her that she was fine, but they left with a promise to come back next week looking more formal, and they said they wanted to stay for the other meetings. They seem a little wary of us as missionaries, but excited about the church. I think they just kind of want to slip in unnoticed. Hopefully we can figure out how to develop a relationship with them so that they will find the time to allow us to teach them. Richie is hangin in there! He wants this, but he is scared. Having grown up in the church I can't fully understand, but I think that the adjustment is a difficult one. Not only do people completely change their lifestyle, but they feel that they are expected to dive into this whole new culture that they are very unfamiliar with. Having friends in the church is going to be so important for him, but he is afraid to take those first steps to build friendships. Sometimes working with investigators makes me wonder if Heavenly Father gets frustrated with how we use our agency. We know that praying, studying the scriptures, attending church, and ultimately being baptized is what is best for them; but they have to know that for themselves before it means anything. I'm sure there are a lot of things that my Father in Heaven knows I need, but until I'm humble enough to turn to Him and ask I won't know. Isn't it amazing that we have the opportunity to choose, but at the same time we have a loving Heavenly Father that wants us to find happiness through the right choices, and will let us know what those are if we will only ask Him? I find it so comforting to know that I do not have to walk the path of life without direction, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share with others that they don't have to either. I love you all!

Sister Davis

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