Monday, July 2, 2012

Sister Jenna Davis and LA Times

Friends and Family, The week before transfers is always a little weird, especially for me because as of now I have only ever sent my companion home, so I always know there will be a big change. My companion - Sister Olsen - will be in Rigby Idaho this coming Wednesday and would probably be delighted to meet any of you. Besides that she has agreed to say only good things about me so... Anyway, things have been really picking up in the Visitors' Center since summer began and I've discovered that I love taking youth groups around(not really a surprise). I like to turn the snarky comments that the teenage boys tend to make and somehow relate them to the gospel. Never a dull moment! Taking them through the center and seeing them interact with their leaders has given me a greater appreciation for the leaders. They really can make all the difference, and I'm so grateful that I always had leaders that worked hard to get to know me and plan activities that were not only fun but also helped me become spiritually independent. In other news, Richie is doing well. We invited him to a baptism yesterday, which he attended, and I think it cleared up some of his apprehensions about his own coming up in August. He is pretty devastated that S. Olsen is leaving and we're all hoping that I don't get transferred because an entirely different companionship might not go over too well with him. I'm sure it would all work out though. We are working hard to help him feel at home in the ward so that once he's baptized he isn't dependent on the missionaries. We saw Zach at the center this week and he is planning on being baptized at the end of this month! We had our first real lesson with Elaine and it was great. She seems more curious than anything, but she took notes the entire time and asked really good questions. She graduated from Harvard which is a little intimidating, but she will certainly have no problem reading the Book of Mormon. She made a comment about how small it was which was nice because we usually hear the opposite. She is so compassionate and generous that I can't help but imagine her holding some kind of Relief Society calling. Every time we see her she just goes on about how she wants to do something for us. She is a marine biologist and keeps offering us jobs as ambassadors for her NGO group that's trying to put a stop to overfishing. The point is she is a sweetheart, and I'm praying that she will begin to see the gospel for what it is rather than just an interesting religion. She promised us that she would read the Book of Mormon and pray to know if it is true. I know that anyone that is willing to experiment will come to know that it is. Rob and Cade are back from their vacation so I'm hoping to have an update on them sometime soon. I feel like the lesson I learn and re-learn everyday is to have faith and trust in the Lord. Not a lot that we do in this day and age requires faith. In the past if people wanted to eat they had to plant seeds, attend to them, and wait and watch; hope and pray that the right amount of rain and sunlight would be present to help them grow. Now we go to the store. If we want information we get it from Google or ask Siri? Is that her name? Anyway, most everything we could ever want or need is within our reach no questions asked. Still, growing in the gospel still requires as much patience and faith as ever especially in missionary work. We have to trust(and it can be harder than it sounds) that if we get out their and do something, God will too. Well, I have to run, but I love you all and hope you're doing great! Sister Davis

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