Thursday, July 26, 2012

This Week's Sister Davis LA Times

I introduced Sister Hara to Krispy Kreme and she loves and hates me for it. 

I get a kick out of finding people asleep in the Visitors' Center.

Some of us with the Hardys - One of the Senior couples serving here.

Hello everyone!

This week hasn't been too bad. Yesterday Sister Hara and I spoke in church and I kept thinking about how my dear friend Melinda was probably standing at a pulpit in Rexburg around the same time for her farewell talk! It was one of those, "We're all standing under the same moon" moments. Anyway, I'm excited to have yet another friend in the field to swap stories and ideas with. We received a disappointing call from Richie earlier in the week. He said that he had been talking to his friend that is investigating in another mission and how overwhelming it all is for both of them. He explained that he had a lot going on and just wanted to take a week off and start up again the following week. Lo and behold he called us two days later and said that he felt horrible and asked when we could have our next lesson. with how things are going he probably won't be baptized on his scheduled date, but I know he will get there. He knows that he needs a testimony of the Book of Mormon, but that can't come without reading it which he struggles with. He usually reads what we ask him to, but it frustrates him because he can't understand the language. I think we have to help people really have a desire. Especially for those who have never really been familiar with the scriptures because they can be hard for me to understand and I grew up with them! Our mission has been focusing on the fundamentals of helping our investigators learn to pray, read the Book of Mormon, and recognize the Holy Ghost. The meetings have taken some of our area time, but the trainings have been really helpful. I feel like a more effective and confident teacher in the lessons that we apply it all in. We are still struggling a little with everyone being MIA for the summer, but our ward's goal for the summer is to get more involved with missionary work. We received two referrals yesterday after our talks. One of them is only here for a summer program that will be ending in a week, but we are meeting with him this week so hopefully we can plant that seed. The other was from a less active sister that we visited once and she started coming back to church! I guess it just goes to show how far a little reaching out can go. She wants to have us go to lunch with her and her friend from Japan which is perfect because that's where my companion is from! Her friend won't be back from vacation(surprise) until late August, so I don't know that I will still be around, but Sister Hara will be I'm sure so that should be great. I hope you're all doing well and I appreciate everything you do.

Sister Davis

P.S. This is just one of my favorite mormon messages to show people. It reminds me to keep my head where my feet are, choose to be happy, enjoy each moment, and appreciate each difficult experience that I'm given to stretch me and help me grow.

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