Monday, May 21, 2012

Sister Davis with this Week's Update

Family and Friends,

Good news! Tom ended up coming to a baptism this weekend and I think he really felt the spirit. He hadn't been returning our calls so we weren't entirely expecting him to make it, but he came with his wife which is nothing short of a miracle! He had never been to one before and didn't really know exactly what would be happening so I think he was apprehensive. Now he knows and I think it diminished some of his fear. The only problem is that he just does not think he is ready and he wants to come to church for a while and kind of ease into it. Meeting with us and having lessons makes him feel pressured. The few times that he did meet with us he did everything we asked and it resulted in powerful answers so I'm really hoping he will warm up to us. I can kind of relate to him because he feels like he has to be perfect to be baptized which is the same way I have felt about any major events in my life, but that's not the case. Anyway, so we keep reaching out and we keep praying. My companion is going home in two days! I am so curious to know who I'll be with next transfer. I'm fairly certain I'll stay in Malibu since we were flushed in but I guess you never know. It will be interesting to learn a new way of doing things and be with a different personality seeing as Sister Bustamante is all I know so far in the field. Sometimes I'm really tired and I get frustrated because I don't feel like a lot is happening, but the longer I'm here the more I'm realizing that I don't know how else I would be learning what I am without serving a mission. I admire girls who seem to get life all figured out without it. I'm not sure how they do it to be honest! I want to help as many people as I can while I'm here, but I agree with my dear cousin Elder Pickering when he said that his greatest convert on his mission was himself. When our faith is tried and we endure it well we can look back and recognize how the Lord was involved every step of the way. I love you all!

Sister Davis

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