Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Funny Story form Sister Davis, plus recent pictures

Sister Cole is a ninety something year old woman that is a direct descendant of John Taylor. She can't come to church but we visit her when we are near her home and she is great... also a little senile. The last time we saw her she was telling us that people sneak into her house at night, steal things, and ruin her furniture. When you look around it is clear that any damage that has been done was performed by her two large dogs.

S. Cole: "I'm so glad you're here, one of my dogs died this week." (I think I'm a curse in this area. I visit people and their dogs keel over)
S. Bustamante: "Oh really? :( How did he die?"
S. Cole: " Well it was those people with all their shenanigans and their dope you know. They probably fed him some."
Me: "Who do you mean when you say "those people?"
S. Cole: "Well those people that break in at night! Now they're not mexicans. They must be European because they're practiced! They know I'm old and slow you see so one will ring the doorbell and while I hobble over to get it the other will run in the back and take what they want. They usually work in twos or threes that's why they're successful. Now I have been around long enough to know a thing or two but you know I'm so old and I'm just not what I used to be... (long pause) He was such a personable dog. I just don't know what would posses them to do that. They've already taken anything of value and torn apart all the furniture."

Sigh. I just love the elderly.

With Mini-Missionary

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