Monday, May 7, 2012

From Sister Davis in the CLAM

Family and Friends,
I would have to say that this week has been my best yet here in the CLAM. I'm excited to report that we now have a progressing investigator! One of our part-member families has come to church twice now. We met them by calling and offering service/wanting to get to know them and they asked us to help them set up some shelves in their garage. That was more than a month ago and we weren't able to really get ahold of them after that, but they ended up at church two weeks ago and we were able to set an appointment. We had our first lesson with them this last week and they are even feeding us tomorrow before our second. Tom and Leah are a young couple; she hasn't been active for years and he has investigated off and on since they were married but was raised Jewish and feels an obligation to stay that way. He said that he has really struggled with the idea of personal revelation and thinks that it is an arrogent concept but he seems open to trying. We weren't sure how open he would be since in the past he has gotten frustrated with the Elders and asked them to stop coming around, but I could really feel the spirit in our lesson and he said that he wants to investigate this seriously now that his wife is going to have a baby. The timing is in the Lord's hands but I really think that he's ready. He mentioned that he doesn't want to be the person who gets baptized and then stops showing up after a few months. He wants to be sure that it's the right decision for him and then really live it. I'm glad that's his mindset because we don't have to walk him through what it means to be truly converted. He gets it! He just doesn't quite feel like he has experienced it yet. They came to all three hours of church yesterday and stayed after to talk with people. Luckily our ward is extremely friendly so I think they feel quite welcome. I'm hoping and praying that he will receive and recognize his answer. I'll keep you posted. I also had my favorite tour so far in the Visitors' Center this week. Some Elders brought in one of their investigators, which isn't uncommon and they are always great tours, but it is a little sad to get to know them just a little bit, teach them just once, and then send them on their way hoping they get baptized. In this case they brought in a 17 year old boy with his girlfriend's family. Everyone participated a lot which always brings the spirit and we decided to end with the Joseph Smith film even though it is a little lengthy and could have been a bit much for someone who has only had one lesson. After the film everyone shared their testimonies and I was kind of taken aback when one of the Elders said "So Alfredo, when you receive your answer that this is true will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood Authority of God?" My heart skipped a beat just because that has never happened on a tour before, but somehow I wasn't surprised that he smiled and said "yes" with almost no hesitation. I was already grinning from ear to ear when on his way out Alfredo thanked me for something I had said that really helped him to understand. I don't know what it was, but I'm so glad that he conveyed that to me because sometimes I wonder what is the spirit and what is just me wanting to say this or that. I think I'm coming to realize that I'm not naturally someone who wants to dominate a gospel discussion or has a lot of wisdom neccessarily so when I do have something that I want to share, something that won't leave my mind until I do, that that is probably the spirit. I'm so grateful to have that gift as a constant companion and I know that the real teaching and learning is truly by and through the spirit. Without it I don't think 19 year old boys and 21 year old girls could possibly do this work. Well, I love you all! I know I always say this but I am truly grateful for each one of you. I have had such amazing examples in my life and it makes a difference every day.
           Sister Davis
A P-day Hike to Topanga Canyon

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