Monday, April 23, 2012

Sister Davis's Weekly News

Dear Friends and Family,

Things are going well here in California. We had the opportunity this weekend to have a mini-missionary. I have never heard of the program before, but youth get to come be missionaries with us for a weekend and it's a great experience. Our mini's name was Victoria. She is from Huntington Park near downtown and her first language is Spanish so she was able to help my companion with her language studies. She even taught her how to pronounce my name correctly which I just never worried about and I think Sister Bustamante felt a little bad that she was saying it wrong for a transfer and a half. I didn't mind though. Anyway, we had a great time and she left us a note saying that she didn't want to leave and that after spending a weekend with us she is sure that she wants to serve a full-time mission in the future. I hope she does because she is a great missionary. We have zone conference tomorrow and I'm putting together a musical number. Music is so much a part of me, and I've always known that, but now that I don't get to do it everyday I have come to realize that on a deeper level. We're singing "I need thee every hour" and really only have today to practice, but I think it will be great. We were also able to do some service this past week at the convalescent hospital which was also nice for because it was just like working at the Homestead. Volunteering is even more fun because you have time to really talk with them and in this instance we took them all down to the farmers market on Santa Monica Blvd. My humorous tidbit for the week is the fact that people are meeting their "LDS Singles" friends here at the Visitors' Center for the first time! Instead of a rose in a book at your favorite coffee shop it's exchanging pictures via cell phone and deciding to meet at the Temple Visitors' Center I guess. At least for the online dating pool of LDS singles here in Southern California. More than once this week I've gone to ask someone if they would like a tour and they reply that they're just waiting for someone and then proceed to tell me all about how it's their first meeting etc. Anyway, never a dull moment. We have a lot more time in our area this coming week so I am hopeful that we can make some progress with the less active people we're teaching and that we'll find someone new to introduce the gospel message to! Thank you all for your support and prayers. 

Sister Jenna Davis

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