Monday, April 16, 2012

Sister Davis's Newest Post

Friends and Family,

It has been a great week! Yesterday we had Stake Conference(Santa Monica Stake) and Elder Oaks came! I was able to meet him briefly. He asked where I was from and when I said Rexburg he smiled and said, "You know I've heard of it." It was wonderful to hear from him as well as his wife. My favorite part was when he told a story about an area seventy saying that the church was not a retirement home for the righteous, but a hospital for sinners. Apparently a woman that had been a convert about ten years approached him after his talk and said that he had answered a question she'd had since she first started to investigate the church. When he asked her what that might be she said, "Why the church is organized into wards." Everyone got a pretty good laugh :) After the conference we had a little time before we needed to be back at the VC so we were tracting... not abnormal, and everyone was jewish... once again, not abnormal. BUT we saw a woman walking and she was a little ways off which can be mildly awkward because it's sort of like you're chasing them down. Anyway, we went to cross the street but I felt guilty, especially because we rarely see people walking in our area so we went to talk to her. Here comes the abnormal part... She actually listened! We didn't talk for long and she couldn't set an appointment right then, but she gave us her number and address and said that we could come over anytime. I don't know what will come of it, but I'm hopefull and it caused me to have a realization. If every person that I saw was guaranteed to be pleasant, listen, and perhaps in the long run even come to accept the gospel, would I hesitate to talk to them? Not a chance! I would be runnin around talking to as many people as I possibly could. While that is unfortunately not the case, I have to look at it that way because I know that it's worth the countless rejections to find that one person that is prepared. John said "there is no love in fear." These people are my brothers and sisters. I'm excited to approach people with more enthusiasm this week. I know there are miracles waiting just around the corner in Malibu. Please pray for us to find those people whose hearts are being prepared. As for Visitors' Center news.. I don't know if our dear cousin Tim realized that he would instantly become a part of the VC when he agreed to make an "I'm a mormon" video. Now I can show people his profile with extra enthusiasm because they're family! Also, I was able to see my good friend from high school Justin Eaton this week so that was fun and a little crazy. Just as a random side-note- I like asking people in Malibu for referrals because it's like. "Hmm well... there's the Crystal's across the street, but I really don't know that they would be interested." - "The Crystal's?" - "Ya you know like Billy Crystal." I was tempted to try, but those darn gates get in the way. I love you all so much. I don't know what I did to deserve so many blessings!

Sister Jenna Davis

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