Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter from Sister Davis

Family and Friends,

Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter here at the Visitors' Center. We hosted a musical fireside put on by the single adult wards from USC and UCLA. Among them were a couple of people I knew in the music program at BYU-I that are now here for Grad School. At least once a week someone comes in that I either know, or that knows someone that I know. I love talking to people and playing the connection game. It is amazing how the Lord places us where we recognize our weaknesses as well as our strengths. I don't know exactly why I needed to be at a Visitors' Center, but it is challenging in different ways than I think I was expecting and therefore I'm sure will be rewarding in unexpected ways as well :) I have one favor to ask of all of you. If you are ever in a Visitors Center and a sister missionary approaches DO NOT say "Oh I'm a member." Because they will simply be thinking(at least I do) "Well fancy that, and you know what? I still care about your spiritual growth." I shouldn't be sarcastic... but this response does make it more difficult for us to help people have the experience that the VC is designed to provide them. As Visitors' Center sisters we are not fulfilling our purpose if we only share the gospel with the non members that come in, and if you have served a mission you know that you are the happiest when you are fulfilling your purpose. Well, that goes for everyone and for life in general! I'll step off my soap box now, but I AM gaining a testimony of Visitors' Centers and I know that miracles can happen here for members and non-members alike.

I'm really excited about the less actives that we have decided to focus on. I think I was getting just a little discouraged that we weren't finding many new people to teach and while I certainly hope we can improve that in the future I am also coming to understand the importance of working with these less actives. It has been eye opening for me to realize that there are many members of the church that don't realize what they have and have forgotten the covenants that they have made. Our goal is to help them gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon and the prophet Joseph Smith because we know that without that knowledge they cannot become truly converted. I really hope that we can witness them make those discoveries. We are really praying for them. I know that anyone can receive that mighty change of heart if they are willing to put forth the effort and access the enabling power of the Atonement. Sometimes I fall into the trap of thinking that I have weaknesses that are incurable and just part of my nature, but throughout the past few weeks and conference especially I have thought a lot about the Atonement and I know that If I have faith in Jesus Christ all things are possible. I know that will be true for the people that I work with throughout my mission as well. I feel that I'm finally really getting adjusted and instead of feeling that I am away from home, this too is becoming a home and the people around me are becoming my new, or rather my second family. This is the last P-day of my first transfer here in the CLAM and it seems that it has been both the longest and shortest six weeks of my life. I'm so sad to see some of my sisters depart. I love to hear them testify and I have sought advice from them as well. They all say similar things: Work hard, be obedient, love the people, and love it! One sister that has known me and some of my struggles agreed with these words of advice, but also reminded me that I'm not going to be the perfect missionary tomorrow, that the Lord is mindful of my efforts and that he is probably more patient with me than I am with myself at times. I'm out of time, but I love you all so much and appreciate everything you do for me!

Sister Davis

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