Monday, March 26, 2012

Sister Davis's Weekly News

Family and Friends,

It has been so wonderful to hear from you. I just want to give you all a little shout out in case I don't write back as soon as I would like to. Things are going well here in Los Angeles and Malibu. My companion and I have just about made the rounds in visiting the people in our ward and I really love them all. Some of the less active and part member families would be such a strength to the ward, they're just incredible. Keep them in your prayers. Things are going well in the Visitor's Center as well. The spirit is strong there and sometimes people who have been investigating for a long time will come and feel a real urgency to be baptized. Exciting stuff! So as far as new discoveries go, I decided that a mission is kind of like a "mini life." You leave home and embark on this journey wide-eyed and oblivious, but excited! You're finally going on the mission that you've dreamed of for most of you're existence. Someone or other along the way has told you that it would be hard, but totally worth it. You chose this path, but once you get here you realize that nothing really could have prepared you for this experience. Anyway, so you learn, you grow, you witness miracles, and you fall on your face! AND repeat... your experience here is completely dependent on your willingness to live by the rules which I believe also affects who you are when you go home. Then(from what I hear) just as you think to yourself "ya I got the hang of this," it's time to return home and progress in new ways. Perhaps this is why people say that it will lay a foundation for the rest of your life. It's like life condensed into 18 months! You have to figure out if you're just going to coast through and survive until it's time to go home, or if you're really going to make something of it and of yourself. In my mind the ultimate goal is to return home to a loving father(and mother) who are ready to embrace us with the words "Well done." With a mission our parents only really know what we shoot home in an e-mail once a week and I know for myself that mine would be proud of me regardless of my accomplishments, but our Heavenly Father sees everything. He knows us inside and out. Similar to our fathers here, he will never stop loving us, but wouldn't it be nice to be able to reply in that embrace "I've done all I can do." I'm certainly a work in progress, but this is my goal for my mission. With hard work and love I know it can be done. Love you all! Your support means the world to me.

Sister Jenna Michele Davis

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