Monday, March 19, 2012

Story of Sister Brown

[picture: weeding at the temple]

She was explaining to us that she was very upset when her favorite dog died about six weeks ago. She said that she cried which was supposedly surprising because she didn't even cry when her husband died. "In fact I laughed when my husband died." She said. Feeling uncomfortable to just move on from such a statement I inquired further. I was expecting something normal about remembering all of the happy and humorous times like I had experienced at grandma and Trevor's funerals but her reply was surprisingly very different. She got up out of her chair and began to explain in detail with a lot of motions and sound effects(she's 74 by the way) how when the coroner came he failed to lock the gurney appropriately and when he went to open the hearse doors her husbands body went rolling down the hill into the creek. At this point she is doubled over and red in the face because she's laughing so hard. My companion and I were completely shell-shocked but I managed to utter a convincing pity laugh. Can you believe it? She went on to tell us how she later took his urn to Kentucky Fried Chicken because she was worried the dogs would get into it. Weirdest conversation I've ever had.

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  1. Now THAT'S the Los Angeles mission as we know it! That's a typical story you hear in relief society in the Hollywood ward ;)