Monday, September 3, 2012

Sister Lagos

There were some areas closed recently in our mission due to gang wars. Malibu wasn't affected, but I do sometimes worry about the coyotes that roam the neighborhood streets?

Friends and Family,

This week was out of the ordinary as well! We were able to have yet another companion exchange and once again I got to go to Lynwood! This time I was with Sister Lagos from Santiago Chile. I learned a lot from her as well. She has been here since May and is an incredible teacher(most everything was in Spanish, but I could tell). I was impressed with her story of how she ended up coming on a mission. She was engaged, but prayed and felt that she needed to serve a mission. She said that she really didn't want to, but knew that she needed to be obedient. I'm lucky to be getting to know all of these sisters who are incredible examples and faithfully respond to the Savior's call to serve. Richie has been dealing with some difficulties with his family this week so it has been difficult to have lessons and he gets discouraged feeling that learning the gospel is one more thing on his plate. We have been trying our best to really listen to him and help him apply the principles of the gospel in his life in simple ways. I feel like a bit of a hypocrite when I talk about that with him though because I'm probably the queen of over-complicating things and making it more difficult for myself. At least I can relate right? We have been trying to contact potentials and begin teaching someone since I came. No one has accepted a return appointment until this past Monday! We had nearly visited all the potentials in our area book and I was beginning to lose hope that it was going to be a successful use of our time. Finally we found Pete at home and he said we could some back later in the week. He was raised Catholic, then decided to be Presbyterian, and is now Methodist. He read the Restoration pamphlet before our lesson and we were able to teach most of it in our first visit. He asked a lot of really good questions about what was different about our church and why we felt that others needed to know about it. It was a really good experience teaching him, but unfortunately he cut us short and kind of rushed us out the door. He did say that he would read the Book of Mormon and when we asked if we could follow up with him about it he halfheartedly said maybe in a couple of months... ??? It was somewhat of a disappointment naturally, but I did learn that our efforts are never wasted. We certainly aren't giving up on Pete, but if nothing else he has made a big step in opening up to learn more and being willing to read the Book of Mormon. If not now I'm sure that he will come to accept the gospel in the future, and I'm grateful that I was able to be there assisting in one of the checkpoints along the way. I still wonder sometimes why people don't just feel the truth of what we are saying! I received some good news from some other sisters this week! My friend McCall(hope you remember her) is finally meeting with the missionaries! I'm so excited for her. I feel like we've always been friends and while I did teach her numerous times at the Visitors' Center she seems like a friend from home. I do daydream about being transferred into her area though. I don't know what will happen with her, but I'm grateful for her friendship and I'm elated that she is taking this step. I think I've pretty much covered everything apart from a. lot. of tracting. I think we will be regulars at the frozen yogurt shop in Pacific Palisades. At least until it cools down.  Oh I almost forgot. I was awakened last night around 3:30 am by a loud noise and our apartment building shaking. I slept through the last earthquake so I'm glad I experienced a few seconds of this one. I hope the next one happens during the day! I don't feel like this is asking a lot... :) Love you all! Have a great week!

Sister Davis

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