Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Talofa from the MTC!

Our district - 53A and our teachers (the ones without jackets).  We started color coordinating and it is spreading throughout the zone.

Left:  Sister Khahtri, Sister Tiakia, Me, Sister Castellano

Me and My Companion

Family and Friends!

Talofa from the MTC!  Talofa is Samoan for Hello. More than half of my zone is Polynesian and the moral of that story is... I want to be one! They are so funny and loving. I'm pretty sure their hearts are larger than the average human. I get honorary Polynesian points for having a loud laugh so that's nice :) Our district is the only English district in our zone. The rest of the missionaries in are zone are heading to California- Spanish speaking, England, Tonga, Samoa, Figi, and New Zealand! Pretty neat! Everyone in our district is either heading to Eugene Oregon or Kennewick Washington apart from me and my companion who is going to the Independence Missouri mission. We have 5 elders and 4 sisters. My companion, Sister Castellano, is from Corvallis Oregon and is my age exactly. Well, I'm a few hours older. We are wondering if we are twins that were separated at birth. Her parents were sealed in the Seattle temple as well and she has a dog named Charlie just like me! Hers is a girl too. We find something more that we have in common every day. Sister Castellano's boyfriend is conveniently here at the MTC heading to the Phoenix Arizona mission, which isn't weird at all... actually it is. But they are both obedient so that is a relief! We run into him almost every day so I've gotten to know his companion Elder Absher. My roommates are so funny. I'm glad we have the same p-day because we don't have much time to get to know them at night or in the morning. Sister Porter is our coordinating solo sister and she is from California heading to New Zealand and learning Samoan. Sister Khattri is from india and is going to Figim as is her companion Sister Tiakia(pronounced Tseeahkeeah) who is from New Zealand. Everything Sister Khattri says is funny especially with her Indian accent, and Sister Tiakia has been kind enough to label me a "skux" which is slang in New Zealand for attractive, so the equivalent of a hottie in America. OH yeah. I love them all so much already and can tell that I will miss them dearly when we all go out into the "real world." I really feel that life is not going on outside the MTC. It's kinda cool being "off the grid" so to speak. I haven't felt any homesickness yet. I miss everyone but not in a sad way. I am just glad that I have so many loved ones that are supporting me. I have heard the MTC described as spirit prison. Mostly by people who have been here for months so I guess I can't relate really, but so far I disagree. Our district describes the MTC as spiritual Disneyland! Way better description. I feel that I have learned so much already. At the same time the more I learn, the more I realize what I don't know. It is a difficult feeling to describe. Sister Castellano and I are working hard to have the spirit with us every step of the way. From planning, to studying, to teaching, and in our inventories. Well I'm out of time, but I hope you all are well. Love you!

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