Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day from Sister Davis

Alma 28:14

The Sisters in our District

For Matthew and Aubrey
Family and Friends,

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope all is going well for all of you wherever you may be. This week has flown. Our Tonga district left and some Elders in the zone bade them farewell with a pretty impressive display of the Haka. That's what I hear anyway, I had to miss it you see. Our Elders that are heading to Haiti have been held up and the New Zealand missionaries are expecting their temporary reassignments sometime this week. I'm glad that I don't have to deal with visa issues. We got a new neighboring(next door) district and they are heading to Ogden, UT and New York City! One of the Elders heading to NY gave me some family names to take through the temple so my companion and I had the opportunity to do that today. We have had an interesting week in our district. An Elder was transferred in earlier this week, which is uncommon for English speaking districts, but we welcomed him and didn't think much of it. He has had some challenges adapting to life here at the MTC so we have all been trying to help him out, but last night he ran away! It was kinda crazy. The security guards had to ask everyone what was going on and they eventually caught up to him. They were all using code words into their radios and yelling "do not engage!" Into their radios. I didn't think he would still be here this morning but he was! I wish I could help him more, but being a sister missionary it is hard. I can't give him a hug or write him a note etc. So what I am getting at with this story is to ask you all to keep Elder Bihner in your prayers. I don't know what the Lord's plan for him is, but I am sure he will be happier if he serves his mission. Speaking of praying for people, one of our investigators has been battling cancer for 3 years so keep her in your prayers as well. Lawanna Westbrook. Oh and our Branch President, President Conners had a hip replacement. Anyway, so I decided that some of the best talks ever given have been given here at the MTC. So far we have watched two life changing talks from Elder Bednar- funny ones! And one from Elder Holland. He is so bold that they haven't released it for general members to view it, otherwise I would tell you all to read it. If I were to go home today my life would be changed forever because of what I have learned about the gospel and discovered about myself. But, I that won't ever happen because I am so excited to learn and experience more. I had a very tender moment this week as we talked with our teachers about how we will measure our success as representatives of Jesus Christ and as missionaries. While I obviously hope to have some success in the general sense, I realized that my mission will be a total success if all I accomplish is to provide another example(second to Matthews) for Christopher and Isaac to prepare to serve the Lord. I know that they will be powerful missionaries and bring people closer to Christ. The teaching experiences here at the MTC have been truly amazing. I was worried before I came about role playing with member actors who probably knew more about the gospel than I did in the end. They aren't completely acting though because they are portraying either themselves before they were converted or in our teachers' case someone whom they taught and were there for every step of their conversion. It isn't fake, and the spirit that can be there in the lessons is real. Our teacher told us a cool story about how someone he taught can always tell when he is portraying him with his missionaries in the MTC because he can feel their prayers. I have already seen miracles in my companionship, district, and otherwise. I wish I could write more, but time is scarce. Thank you for the letters. I really appreciate every one of you!

With lots of love for Valentine's day,

Sister Davis

Ether 12:  27 And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I  give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my  grace is sufficient for all men that  humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.
Sister Davis asked that I (dad) say thank you to Aunt Mary Jo and Grandpa Dorman for their letters.   You can find her MTC address below her picture on this blog.

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