Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This Week From Sister Davis

Temple p-day


Does anyone recognize Elder Heun form Kamiah?

Sportin Sister Mueller's clothes :)

Code 4 - No assistance needed :)

Friends and Family,

Well... I don't really have a lot of updates this week, but I will say that it has been a very interesting one. If you're ever looking for a good story just ask me about "pie day" on my mission.

That being said here are the updates:

Crystal : Still babying, but wants to come to church as soon as she feels up to it.

Amir: Doing great! Tons of complications with what ward he is going to attend due to the language barrier, and his backround as an Iranian. We're working it all out though and he is getting more excited all the time. We taught him at the Visitors' Center this week and he was just adorable. He was asking questions about the Word of Wisdom and when we taught it he basically just said, ok it will be hard, but I can give up tea and hookah. Tea and hookah? I've never gotten that before but ok. I asked what that was similar to and then started listing options like marijuana(sheltered) ha ha. He got a little flustered, stopped me and said, "no, no. It does not give you a special feeling! It is just flavored tobacco." Ok, ok sorry :) Anyway, he is really progressing. Our challenge with him is getting him  to read from the Book of Mormon because he has a gospel principles book in Farsi and prefers that.

Tristen: The same. We asked Ethan to invite her to church. He said he would go if we got her to go. Oy... This really happened but we joke about it now - Sister Schiel called him a hypocrit... I asked him to read his patriarchal blessing... He told me that he was really glad that I'm teaching her because, "I'm real and I'm a sweet spirit, but not of the fat variety." What?... Anyway, who's the good cop now Richard?! :) Workin on it.

Brother Kennedy: We had a great lesson with him and the Bishop came which was perfect because he has been so concerned with coming back to church and the Bishop was very clear with him that if only perfect people came the building would be vacant. He still works Sundays until at least May, but he has committed to coming to a Saturday session of conference so we are looking forward to that.

I could tell you a lot of stories from this past week, like I said, ask me one day. But here's one that gave me a smile. I really think that part of the reason God sent me to Los Angeles was for the entertainment factor. He knows how much I love to laugh :)

We ate dinner with a member who lives... in a commune. Her housemates Sparky and Micky - a folk dancing couple that has been going strong for 28 years but have not tied the knot, two gay couples, some college kids celebrating St. Patrick's day, and our lovely member friend. It was her birthday so we all joined hands, said grace, and enjoyed a meal that the rest of the house had prepared for her. I even poured the tea! Don't worry, I did not partake. Neither did the member. Sister Schiel on the other hand... no just kidding :) The table conversation was let's say... memborable.

On a more spiritual note. Sorry for the whiplash... I got to go to the temple today! It was so peaceful and I had an interesting experience. This will probably sound pretty vague, but I was praying about one thing when an impression for something completely different came out of nowhere. I didn't really think much of it until I opened a letter about an hour later that had everything to do with it.

I know that God answers our prayers! Sometimes not always how we are expecting, but luckily he is WAY smarter than us so it all works out.

I'm out of time, but I love you all!! Thank you for your e-mails :)

Sister Davis 

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