Monday, January 21, 2013

The matching backpacks Richard got us for Christmas!!

I got really sick this week and had to lie down, but we were still diligent and watched Sister Schiel's training videos.

We cleaned out the mission supplies closet at the church(much needed) Our ward mission leaders were so proud that they asked me to document their chivalry.

Family and Friends,

This week has been so great. We've already had a few leads since we spoke in church last Sunday. Richard had a great missionary experience that I'm more excited about than anything. We weren't at our ward this week because we had to be at the VC, but he had us covered! I guess someone in our ward brought a friend from work to church and introduced her to Richard. In his words he, "went all Moroni 10:3-5 on her," and of course gave her friend a hard time for not doing so earlier. He said that when he read it to her she got emotional and that afterward he committed her to reading and praying everyday (What's up)! She said that she would. When he told us I casually asked if she was coming next Sunday and mentioned that I'd love to meet her. Knowing exactly what I was up to he replied, "Oh I'm sure she'll be there, don't worry I'll introduce you..." I really hope it works out, but either way.. who is this Richard guy and how did he get so cool? Blows my mind. He's doing great with his family history work and is planning on receiving his patriarchal blessing in a few months. I had one of the happier moments that I've experienced on my mission yesterday. Richard asked me what I was doing on February 5th. I told him that I didn't know and than asked me very simply if I would be baptized in the temple for his mother. Words cannot express the love I felt for him and his mother in that moment. I'm pretty sure that I won't be able to get permission... which is definitely a day ruiner, but the fact that he asked me will definitely be a highlight of my mission and I look forward to helping him with the work in the future.

Enrique is doing better than ever. He is more than two weeks clean and can't wait to be baptized. Yesterday we went to teach about tithing and when we handed him the pamphlet he was like, "Oh I already talked about all this with Angel, it's nothin." Really? I'm thinking to myself that he has this new job and those pay checks are bound to look pretty good after not having any and he just has no qualms. He explained to us that he figured God got him the job, so what's 10%? (jaw drop). Go Enrique! Then Sister Schiel had the bright idea to have him teach us! It was a fun lesson for us and he actually explained it pretty well and left very little out. Sometimes I have to remind myself to focus in lessons with Angel and Enrique because we have all become such good friends and are close enough that we tease and laugh a lot. I love it!

We've had a couple of neat experiences in the Visitors' Center this week where people come in and say, "So what can you tall us about Mormonism?" or, "What is it exactly that you believe?" Well, we would be more than happy to share! You can't tell me that you're not jealous of VC sisters when you  hear that kind of thing. There are few things more satisfying than entering someone's contact information and clicking the "refer to local missionaries" button.

Another miracle that we had this week was Bernardo! Bernardo is from the Philippines and asked me to bring dad to our next lesson so he could speak Tagalog(I wish)! Anyway, he works at a hotel in the Marina and has become friends with a member who stays there occasionally on business. The member is totally awesome because 1: he gave Bernardo a Book of Mormon and 2: Set up a meeting for all of us yesterday. It was a good lesson and Bernardo said that he would like to be baptized, but will have to think about when.

Finally, my favorite referral... probably ever. The ward mission leader introduced us to a mid-single at church who briefly explained that he has been trying to get his girlfriend to take the discussions for ten months. Finally he's decided to bribe her. He'll be paying her $1,000 to take the lessons! Ok 1: No pressure and 2: What?!... "She's Vietnamese, liberal, and agnostic... I wish one of you was Asian... Do you think you could take someone with you that she could relate to?" Ay Caramba... We'll see how that goes. Pray for us!

I love you all. Random fact: I'm convinced that my relatives are some of the more attractive human beings on this planet. My friends are ok too. That's like a New York "ok" which really means more than ok. Anyway. Cya :)

Sister Davis

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