Monday, January 7, 2013

Friends and Family,

Another great week in the CLAM! Angel and Enrique were definitely the highlights but with some unexpected twists. Enrique has been much more sincere and more involved in lessons. I think it has helped to have us continue teaching him after Angel's baptism because he's realizing that he is just as important. At the beginning of the week he mentioned how he wants to follow God and change his life, but it can be difficult when you're living in the projects and in his words "Everyone in my inner circle and their Mammas are on weed right now." I have so much more respect for Richard, Angel, Enrique, and any other convert the more I realize the magnitude of the changes they're making. They really are leaving their entire world behind and entering a foreign one. Later in the week he cancelled on us, BUT this was good because first of all he called us, which has never happened, and second it was because he got a job! We've been praying that he would and this was great news because he needed one for a lot of reasons, but I think especially so he can be busy and not get caught up in his old lifestyle. 

Angel is officially a member of the church! He was confirmed yesterday by one of his friends in the ward and I felt the spirit was so strong during that blessing. He was promised that doors would open for him to get the education that he desires. I was so happy for him because he wants it so much. When we talked to him after he said that he had a rough couple of days leading up to Sunday, and especially a rough morning. Then he explained to us how when he received the Holy Ghost he felt every negative feeling leave him and they were replaced with peace. After the sacrament we had to get to the Visitors' Center so we missed his ordination :( but here's the twist! When we check our phone later that night we see a text from Richard that says, "I ordained Angel!" Wha?! I'm even more upset that we missed it at this point. I have been so humbled and happy to see Richard evolve from who he was the day I met him to participating in Angel's conversion and even baptizing him. WOW... So, we called Angel that night to see how he was feeling and he was needless to say very happy. He even mentioned that he is considering a mission. Dream come true! 

This is a little more on the frivolous side of life but we called Richard last night to hear about his experience, and then (I swear this was inspiration) I asked him what we could do or see nearby that might be a fun p-day activity. At first he suggested that we utilize his connections as a former mayor and take a specialty tour of sony picture studios! Obviously we can't do that, but hey... How excited are we to take up that rain check this summer?! Anyway, we came to the conclusion that we would have lunch at the historic Culver City hotel and a tour of downtown Culver guided by Brother Marcus himself. How awesome is that?! I couldn't wait all morning and then when we met up with him he(not surprisingly) exceeded expectations. Everyone we met from the hotel manager to the waiter were expecting us and we even received a personal tour of the hotel. The hotel has housed many movie stars and what Richard was particularly excited about was the fact that they housed the munchkins from wizard of oz while it was being filmed at Culver Studios. Probably because he met some of them at a reunion that was hosted. Don't worry - picture attached. Basically just when I don't think I could possibly love him anymore he proves me wrong. He once shared with us that his pledge name from his college fraternity was Yogi. Today I revealed my nickname of Boo or BooBoo and he just exclaimed, "I told you this was meant to be!" Ha ha It doesn't get better than this!

Well I love you all! Thank you Pickerings, Dee Marie for the wonderful Christmas packages and Grandma and Grandpa for the jam, as well as everyone for the cards and letters.

Happy Birthday Christopher!! Sweet 16 ;)

We are working hard and building our faith so I'm sure there is good news to come. Fill me in on all of yours!

Sister Davis

P.S. Random story... One of the Sisters here called to follow up with some investigators in Chile and Elder Archuleta was there for a lesson. It's a small world after all!

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