Monday, November 5, 2012

9 Month Message and Pics

Last district meeting

9 months!

Sister Rokobuli

I love my sisters

Friends and family!

Hey everyone, I realize that these are extraordinarily silly pictures, but it's tradition! Sister Cole and I reached our 9 month/halfway mark this week and it's a little surreal. It's strange to think that the amount of my mission remaining is shorter than what has already passed. The next few months are going to fly by with the missions annual turkey bowl, thanksgiving, and Christmas. Temple hill is going to be beautiful  with all the lights and a concert every night in December. The VC sisters are in charge of all the music and narration for Christmas eve and Christmas day. It's starting to come together and I'm more and more grateful all the time that I was called to a Visitors' Center. 

Richard is defying gravity as usual. We really hope that his wife will come around, but from the sound of things they have been a little distant for a while now. He has a big load right now working to strengthen his marriage and learn the gospel all at once. Fortunately the gospel is full of everything he needs to have a happy and successful family. He went to an activity for the ward this week and loved it. He gets along so well with everyone and feels totally comfortable in our ward which is a blessing. He is nervous about transfers which is adorable. He calls us the good cop-bad cop routine and says he can't do without both! If you're assuming I'm the "good cop" right now you're dead wrong. Ha ha. I can't wait for you all to meet him. 

Susan still hasn't come to church, but has been inviting her friends and family to her baptism and sharing the gospel left and right. 

John is kind of progressing... I feel like it's a miracle that he is even meeting with us so regularly. He is part of a band called "Dazed and Confused" and wants us to check out the website. Obviously we can't, but if any of you would like to and report back it would be appreciated. Anyway, so he has been busy lately with gigs. He seems hesitant to ask if it's true, but he is praying now which is good. We're meeting with him twice this week which is an improvement as well. 

Jay awkwardly asked me out and we haven't really seen him since... Major bummer.

The highlight of this week was the fact that we were sort of a halfway house for missionaries on their way home. The first was sister Rokobuli. She was on her way home from the Carlsbad mission to Fiji. New Zealand rejected her so to speak and she had to wait for a direct flight to Fiji. We learned a lot from her in the short time we spent together and she was with us the day of my halfway mark so she celebrated with us. I didn't know I could love someone so much in less than 24 hours! She said that she vaguely knew Elder Kidd. Small world as always. The second sister was from our mission and had to return home to fix a medical issue. She is awesome and should be returning within a few months. We had two extra late nights and extra early mornings but it was worth it to help out and daylight savings made up for it to some extent. 

Along with my halfway mark I did experience what I think was sort of an inevitable mid-mission crisis. Missionary work is hard. Everyone says it's hard, but really... It's HARD. I was able to humble myself enough to ask my district leader for a blessing. I simply told him I was stressed and lo and behold that blessing answered every one of my questions and concerns that had me so upset. I have a very strong testimony of the priesthood. I know that it's real and that it's the power of God. It is evidence to me that God is very aware of me, and after receiving a priesthood blessing I can't deny that.

Well, I love you all! Thank you for everything, and Lisa thank you for the package! I loved it :)

have a great week!

Sister Davis

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