Monday, February 4, 2013

Enrique's baptism!

Photo for our meal calendar. Who wouldn't want to feed us right? 

Year mark for me and Sister Cole 

Family and Friends,

Life is good! Enrique was baptized yesterday. He called on his way and said that the three of them were coming, but were going to stop at a bar on their way for a couple of beers. I scoffed at what is apparently becoming a tradition. Both Richard and Angel did the same thing! Punks. They always look so cute rollin up in Richard's Jaguar. Our recent convert carpool.  Both Angel and Richard spoke and they both did so well. Several people commented that they gave probably the best baptism talks they'd ever heard. SO proud. They both brought the spirit so strong. Sister Schiel and I sang "I Heard Him Come" accompanied by Sister Jones. We were all so happy that she got permission to come. It's crazy because I see her everyday and yet I still miss her! I guess sometimes God just gives us people that we're meant to hold onto.

I was writing in my journal last night and had this thought. What if I had chosen not to serve a mission? I will forever rejoice because I did! I can't imagine more wonderful people to have as eternal friends and the experiences that I'm having here, while many of them may be difficult, I just wouldn't have them anywhere else. There have definitely been moments on my mission where things just didn't seem to fit. I've felt out of place and wondered what the reasons were behind my being in a certain place at a certain time or if there even were any. Yesterday was one of those days again where you look back and know that Heavenly Father knows exactly what he's doing. I sometimes wish I could go back and talk to myself at an earlier point in my mission and just let myself know how right it really was and just how worth it it would be. 

Bernardo didn't come to church or the baptism, but we have another appointment with him this week, so hopefully we can help him keep his commitments. 

Funny street contacting story: So the other day we were talking to people on the way to an appointment and everyone I initiated a conversation shut us down.... hard. I asked their name and got a "why do you need to know?" I asked one man if he had heard of our church and he responded that his dad was an excommunicated Bishop who had conducted a mass baptism at a YMCA pool so he didn't have a good background with the chuchh. *Door slammed* Ouch. Hard to come back from that you know? But! Our efforts were not wasted thanks to Sister Schiel. The two people she initiated conversations with responded as follows... "Oh ya, my mom had a Book of Mormon once and I read half of it. Sure you can come over Tuesday!" and (in tears) "My girlfriend just broke up with me and I just have no direction in my life, can you girls help me?" What?! I guess she just has the touch :)

I will definitely let you know how things go with both of them. Please pray that I die in "aka" finish my mission out in Marina del Rey! It has been on fire the last few months and I think it may remain that way. 

This transfer is only five weeks long so I'm stressing a little to have enough time in my area as well as finding time to go on team-ups with the companionships I'm training this transfer. Sister Jones and her new companion Sister Kim are on my list this transfer and I can't wait to go back to Malibu with them! That will be surreal. I have to hop off my e-mail early today because we are presenting the zone goal. The leadership meetings and presentations have been a lot of fun. Initially I was a little nervous about this calling, but I'm so grateful for it now. Working with the zone leaders and other sister trainers has been a blast and I learn way more from the other sisters on splits than I'm sure they do from me. Gotta run.

Love you all! So much.  Please watch:

Sister Davis

P.s. We got two 20 year old sisters this transfer. Nuts!

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