Monday, August 20, 2012

Seven and a half months doesn't buy a heck of a lot(only Mom will get that) but hey! You can't beat our view. 

Friends and Family,

Surprising news this week! I'm still in Malibu, I'm still with Sister Hara, but there IS a twist. We're off-site! No Visitors' Center assignment this transfer. It's going to be an interesting transfer! I was hoping to go full-field at some point for the experience, but usually that involves going to another area entirely and serving with a full-field sister. Needless to say Sister Hara and I were very surprised, as was everyone at the VC. I will miss a lot of things like seeing all the sisters everyday and soccer in the mornings. Plus we had to give all our online/call-center contacts away! We did move to another apartment though which is nice because it is closer to our area and we have another companionship for roommates. I enjoy having roommates, but they are Visitors' Center sisters and it's a little weird not to go with them. We had a very trying week otherwise. At least I did. Every last one of our potentials dropped us, leaving us with just Richie(I'm so grateful for him)! We tried to find new people all week to no avail. I think that one of the most difficult parts of missionary work is when you work until your just toast and when you account for the day you don't feel like you served or taught anyone. That's a gross feeling. I'm struggling to find the reasons behind this change when we barely had enough work with our Visitors' Center assignment. I guess that's where faith comes in and trusting in the Lord's timing and purposes. I hope you are all doing well. Love ya!

Sister Davis

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