Monday, June 18, 2012

News from Sister Davis

With Joy Price, my old coach from the Idaho Ballroom Academy
With Mark and Ilana Gallup, originally from Rexburg
With Sister Olsen

Capture the flag with noodles. Our Zone goal is "Choose to Find" and when we accomplish one of our goals we get to capture another companionship's flag. Our keeps getting taken because, well... 

Noreen- My favorite lady from Fireside, the convalescent home. We took her to forever 21 to buy electric pink keds. She's a cutie

Zach at the VC

Friends and Family,

It has been a great week with plenty of pictures to share. We transitioned Zach to the companionship serving in the YSA ward and heard that he enjoyed church on Sunday. It sounds like because we taught him 3 times I'll be able to attend his baptism! Who knows, Sister Olsen may be able to come back for it as well. We had a bit of an awkward missionary moment when we took a picture with him after touring the Visitors' Center and he threw his arms around us at the last second. Richie did the same thing with Sister Olsen at his place. Apparently we need to be a little more clear? Anyway, Richie actually came to the Visitors' Center this week as well and while we were talking about the companionship of the Holy Ghost we asked if that was something that he wanted. He said "how could I not?" So, the long and short of that is that his baptism is set for August 4! It is interesting to me how the same principles need to be taught or emphasized so differently for different people. We took him around on Saturday and he said there was a 50% chance he would be at church the next day. I'll admit I was a little surprised to see him show up, but he did! He had to run after sacrament meeting but I really think he enjoyed it. He deals with some social anxiety so I don't know what he was thinking of how friendly everyone was, but that is exactly what's going to help him overcome those things. He seemed pretty comfortable explaining to everyone that this was his first time and I thought it was neat that he was telling them that he was starting a new life. Richie was actually a referral from his friend who is investigating in a neighboring mission. I guess his friend contacted him this past week and from the sound of things they will be getting baptized around the same time. Awesome! I hope I don't get transferred. I wore my hair up on Sunday which I guess I don't do very often because several of the ward members expressed concern about Sister Davis being transferred without warning! Brother Tyler (who reminds me of Dad because he teases me relentlessly) was upset until he got close enough to read my tag and realize that I'm still here :) I'm glad that me leaving would be disappointing to more than just me. I just feel like that's my ward now and I can't imagine serving anywhere else. It's highly unlikely that I'll serve all my mission in Malibu though, so the beat goes on I suppose and I'll love the other areas as well. Something that we have been working on with our members lately is family mission plans. Novel idea! We brainstorm with them about how they can do missionary work on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and the next time we see them present them with a typed mission plan that they can put somewhere visible and use. Just an idea for maybe an upcoming home evening. The other pictures are of the people that stopped in last week and a hike we did earlier today. I love you all and hope you are all doing tremendously well. Oh ya! I got a package from the young women in the ward and it was so good to hear from all of them. The 15th ward has some amazing girls with solid testimonies and if you're reading this: I hope you know that each and every one of you has been an example to me and I love you! Keep up the good work. Don't skip seminary. Study your scriptures. Pray always. Continue to be an example to everyone around you. I'm so very proud!

Sister Davis

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